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How do you assign a level to one of your customers?

Directement depuis le logiciel, vous pouvez attribuer un niveau de jeu sportif à l'un de vos clients

It is very useful to assign a level of play to your customers because if you have to organize sports competitions, you can structure them according to the levels present in your club. 

Moreover, when your customers activate the partner search on the application, they can observe the level of the players who are ready to play with them. 


First of all, your customer must download the club application. Without it, you will not be able to assign a level. 

Once downloaded, go to the client's file where their level is displayed on the top right of the screen. 


Click on "assign a level" and choose among the different activities the one you want to modify then validate. You are the one who has the control over his level. Basically the system forces the client to respect this level. 
This respects a more homogeneous level logic because the players do not always know how to evaluate themselves.