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Restriction on future bookings

How to apply a restriction on your future bookings ?

If you are a club with a high demand throughout the year or by period, you can make sure that certain limits apply to the number of bookings made by a member for example. 

This will prevent the same people from using the courts over and over again, and will create a "healthy" rotation for everyone in your club. 

This option can be done on a fixed schedule or on a sliding schedule as seen in other videos. 

Additionally, you can restrict your members to a certain number of bookings in the future so that once again, they can't mobilize the courts 15 days in advance for example. 

Example from the video : I am a customer of your club, it is May 30, I want to make a booking for June 1 at 6pm for 1.5 hours of tennis. As long as my booking has not been "consumed", I will not be able to book again. 

In other words, I will be able to re-book on Thursday June 1st at 7:30 pm.